Live, online workshops.  OSCR Online Workshops wants to help you not only survive but thrive throughout your semester and beyond by helping you with software through workshops and study hall sessions. We are currently offering various online workshops to help you gain valuable tech skills and gain confidence using new technology. Do you have a project that requires using the software you've never opened? Does that job you're applying for list preferences for someone with skills in a specific program? Register for a workshop today or open study hall hours! We can get you started or answer questions on existing projects that you're working on!  Click here to register

Tutorial videos, created by students, for students.  From the software basics to specific tasks, these videos were created by students who have been in the same classes you are taking.  They have poured their experience and “what I wish I had known” viewpoint into the videos, so that you won’t feel like you are alone in your struggles.  Their goal is to help you succeed.

Visit the OSCR Online YouTube Channel for a listing of our videos.  facebook logo

Feedback.  We welcome your feedback, and have three different surveys you may take.

Workshop feedback: provide feedback on the live, on-line workshop.

Video Tutorial feedback:  provide feedback on the content and host of the video.

Further requests:  if you don’t see a video or workshop for a topic you would like to see, please let us know.


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