McClelland Park Reimagining

March 2, 2022

Changes to the OSCR Zone @ McClelland Park in Spring 2022

Atmosphere tri-tables.jpg

Tri-table pod
Atmosphere Commercial Interiors

McClelland Park 102 is being reimagined into a more collaborative space so you can spread out everything you need for your content creation projects. The new curved desks will wrap around you to keep everything within reach while using our iMac Pros with dual 27" displays. Dividing panels between work spaces reduce distractions and dampen noise.

Two booths will be added so that you can work with others using your own laptops and show your projects on the built-in TVs.

Starting Friday March 4th through March 25th the lab will be closed so that the room can be repainted, have the carpet replaced, and have the new furniture installed.

wrap around work spaces
McClelland Park view from the front door (render)
View from the interior door
Looking in through the south windows (render)
View through the glass wall from outside
empty room
new furniture being installed