The Zone

Open Access

OSCR consultants at this location can assist with the software and equipment in the lab. They can also help with the 3D scanning equipment available from the UA Library and with working with files for the Library's 3D printing service. If you need assistance with specific software applications, please visit the Software page and click on the application name. You can then review the complete list of OSCR locations where the software is installed and which OSCR employees can help.

Royalty-free sound effects for your multimedia projects are available as MP3 files from Network Music Library's collection. As you work on your class projects, the University Libraries' Copyright Guide can provide guidance on Copyright and Fair Use.

OSCR consultants can also provide step-by-step documentation on a variety of technical topics including downloading and installing anti-virus software and setting up computers to access university networks. If your needs are more advanced they can also arrange for a one-on-one appointment with technical staff.

Open any time the Main Library is open.

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Sat. & Sun.

NOTE: Fall 2020 the Zone's Main Library location will be closed for Student Success District construction. Zone multimedia consultants will be available at McClelland Park OSCR Lab.

Policies and Available Services

  • Please see the Library Information Commons Desk to check out gear for use in the Multimedia Zone
  • CatPrints pay-for-print kiosk
  • Analog-to-digital video and audio conversion (staff assistance recommended)
  • Large format scanning (staff assistance required)
  • Film and slide scanning (staff assistance required)