Campus Rec Lab

Open Access

OSCR consultants at this location can assist with the software and equipment in the lab. If you need assistance with specific software applications, please visit the software page and click on the application name. You can then review the complete list of OSCR locations where the software is installed and which OSCR employees can help.

OSCR consultants can also provide step-by-step documentation on a variety of technical topics including downloading and installing anti-virus software and setting up computers to access university networks. If your needs are more advanced they can also arrange for a one-on-one appointment with technical staff.

Lab Information

Hours (** Until September 2020 **)

1 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

Sat. & Sun.
1 pm - 8 pm

This lab is open during Campus Rec hours and staffed during the hours listed above.

Available Services